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Sponsored Mixtape On Spinrilla (Includes Upload)

Sponsored Mixtape On Spinrilla

(After payment email the mixtapes songs in MP3 with the tracklist and graphic(s) to order@VisibleProgression.com)
(Make sure to specify the exact artist name and mixtape title in the email)
(You can include any social media links that you want to and a YouTube video link IF YOU HAVE ONE!)
(You can specify a release date and time if you would like and can send a description for the mixtape)
(Once the mixtape is on the site and is officially a sponsored mixtape on Spinrilla you will get an email with the mixtape link)
(You can order Spinrilla promotion for the tape before it drops!)

sponsored mixtape on spinrilla
Sponsored Mixtape On Spinrilla
(Order processed within 24 hours of purchase)
(Before the mixtape drops, it will appear in the Upcoming Mixtapes section. After the mixtape drops, it will appear in the New Releases section)

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sponsored mixtape on spinrilla

sponsored mixtape on spinrilla
We guarantee artists a sponsored mixtape on Spinrilla. We will upload the mixtape for you too! All you have to do is send in the mixtape files and info in a zip file. Spinrilla makes it easy for hip hop creators to showcase their content on the internet. They are arguably one of the top 3 mixtape sites in the world now. Spinrilla has become essential in a marketing plan for an artist. When you order services through Visible Progression we always try and get to work as fast as possible. If you want a sponsored mixtape on Spinrilla look no further. We are one of the highest ranked marketing and promotion companies in the world on Google. We have another page on our site dedicated to Spinrilla promotion. So if you want guaranteed views, streams, downloads, and comments, we can handle that for you too.
sponsored mixtape on spinrilla

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