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1.) We will gather information about what you want the website to have and be able to do.
2.) You will agree to a set price and we will explain to you the cost of owning a domain and how much it costs to have a website on the internet each month.
3.) We will present you designs via email and let you choose one.
4.) You will pick a domain name.
5.) You will make payment via PayPal, Cash App, or Western Union.
6.) We will gather all of the information and content you want on the website and we will gather any graphics you want to use. If you need graphics made we can design them for you.
7.) We will setup email addresses for the site.
8.) The website is made.
9.) Once development is complete, you will be given copies of all of the files from us developing the website.
10.) You will be given administrative login information for the website.


Make my website