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Upviral: Rap Attack (PLAYLIST HAS 7,500+ FOLLOWERS)

Whatzzup: Brooklyn Ways (PLAYLIST HAS 15,000+ FOLLOWERS)

Indie Panel: Cribs (PLAYLIST HAS 14,500+ FOLLOWERS)

Indie Panel: Trendy (PLAYLIST HAS 13,000+ FOLLOWERS)

ankehees93: music2go (PLAYLIST HAS 9,500+ FOLLOWERS)

Freshpicks: Urban Mood (PLAYLIST HAS 8,750+ FOLLOWERS)

United Artists: United EDM (PLAYLIST HAS 8,500+ FOLLOWERS)

The Hood: Paint It Rap (PLAYLIST HAS 8,250+ FOLLOWERS)

Music City: City Breaks (PLAYLIST HAS 7,500+ FOLLOWERS)

Johanengst87: Top Tips (PLAYLIST HAS 7,000+ FOLLOWERS)

Hipsterplay: Tastemakers Ball (PLAYLIST HAS 7,000+ FOLLOWERS)

United Artists: United Hip Hop & Rap (PLAYLIST HAS 6,000+ FOLLOWERS)

U-Need: U-Need Pop (PLAYLIST HAS 6,000+ FOLLOWERS)

spotify playlist promotion
spotify playlist promotion
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